Northern Ireland is heavily dependent on imported fossil fuels. Higher levels of renewable and low carbon energy should be part of the overall energy mix, to help reduce emissions contributing to climate change and improve our energy efficiency and fuel security.

Whilst onshore wind energy already contributes around 16% of Northern Ireland’s electricity demands, research for DETI’s Onshore Renewable Electricity Action Plan indicates that offshore wind will be needed to reach the Executive’s 40% target by 2020, and to help Northern Ireland meet its 2025 and the UK’s 2050 carbon reduction targets.

There are currently no offshore projects operating in Northern Ireland, though they are becoming a familiar sight around the rest of the UK. By developing our offshore renewable resources, Northern Ireland can also improve its business and employment opportunities.

First Flight Wind is committed to assisting the local economy and is working in conjunction with local economic development agencies including Invest NI to foster opportunities arising from the project for local businesses and contractors. Find out more.


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