B9 Energy Offshore, DONG Energy and RES Offshore ceased development on the First Flight Wind project in December 2014.
This is an historical record only which will remain online until 28 September 2015.


A potential offshore wind farm will comprise both onshore and offshore elements. 

Offshore Wind Turbines and Foundations. 
Within an area of approximately 80 - 100 km2, we could install wind turbines of between 5 and 15 MW. We will choose the most suitable turbine for the project based on environmental and technical studies, supply chain considerations, and our community consultation process.

Offshore Seabed Power export cables.
Up to two offshore collector/converter stations and their foundations will collect electricity from the turbines and transform it to a suitable voltage for transfer to shore.

Onshore Underground cabling and/or over-ground lines.
These will transfer the electricity from the ‘landfall’ (where electricity reaches the shore) to an onshore substation and onto the Northern Ireland electricity network.

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