B9 Energy Offshore, DONG Energy and RES Offshore ceased development on the First Flight Wind project in December 2014.
This is an historical record only which will remain online until 28 September 2015.


In March 2014, First Flight Wind submitted an Offshore Scoping Report and requested a Scoping Opinion from the Department of Environment (DoE) and Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) on the issues that should be assessed in the offshore parts of the Environmental Impact Assessment, in accordance with the relevant legislation.
The Offshore Scoping Report sets out the proposed content, methodologies and key issues to be included in the offshore part of the Environmental Impact Assessment. The purpose of the consultation was to build upon consultation conducted to date and support the on-going discussion with statutory and non statutory consultees on the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment required for the Project. 
First Flight Wind invited comments from members of the public or other interested parties on the Offshore Scoping Report.
Public consultation on the Offshore Scoping Report closed on 11 April 2014. The following documents are available for viewing:

  1. Original invitation to provide comments on the Offshore Scoping Report (March 2014)
  2. Offshore Scoping Report (March 2014)
  3. The Scoping Opinion issued by DoE and DETI (May 2014)
  4. A report summarising the comments received in reply to the consultation and First Flight Wind’s responses (June 2014)
  5. The Notice of Scoping Opinion issued by DETI (August 2014).

It should be noted that the Scoping Opinion can also be found on the DoE website (www.doeni.gov.uk). In addition, DETI will shortly publish a notice on its website (www.detini.gov.uk) and in local newspapers.  
In spring 2015, First Flight Wind intends to submit a second scoping report for the onshore electrical infrastructure associated with the Project. The Onshore Scoping Report shall be issued once First Flight Wind has greater certainty over the grid connection location and connection arrangement that will apply to offshore generation in Northern Ireland. 
A completed Environmental Impact Assessment will cover both offshore and onshore elements together and will be submitted to DOE and DETI in 2016 as part of the consent applications for the proposed Project.


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