B9 Energy Offshore, DONG Energy and RES Offshore ceased development on the First Flight Wind project in December 2014.
This is an historical record only which will remain online until 28 September 2015.


Ahead of each of our key offshore surveys we will publish a Notice to Mariners (NTM) available to download, and distributed to stakeholders. The NTM provides up to date information on survey vessels, locations and timescales.
We are currently issuing NTMs on:

Boat based bird and marine mammal surveys. Starting in July 2012, using Kilkeel vessel the Glenravel, ornithologists and marine mammal observers record the number of species they see within a 500m radius of the boat. Surveys take place over three days each month until late 2014.

Metocean surveys.
Two metocean buoys and four marker buoys were deployed by Strangford Moorings in November 2013, with support from Fugro EMU. The Metocean buoys collect wave, current, sediment, salinity and temperature data.

Recent Notices to Mariners (all Notices to Mariners are available in our Downloads section)

Bird & Marine Mammal Survey - Update (11 Oct)

Metocean Survey NTM (13 Oct 14)  

Bird & Marine Mammal Survey - Update (22 Sep 14)  

Bird & Marine Mammal Survey - Update (6 Aug 14)

Bird & Marine Mammal Survey - Update (6 July 14)

MetOcean Survey NTM - Update (26 Jun 14)

Bird & Marine Mammal Survey NTM - Update(13 May 14)

Bird & Marine Mammal Survey NTM - Update (3 June 14)



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