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  • Onshore Works - Andy Lovell

    Onshore Works - Andy Lovell

    Wondered how we could connect a 3-400 MW project to the existing Northern Ireland electricity grid? In this short interview, Andy Lovell explains what work is required before this can happen.

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  • Reduction in Project Capacity

    Reduction in Project Capacity

    Michael Harper, director of First Flight Wind, explains how an offshore project of 300 – 400 MW is best able to minimise potential impacts on some existing coastal Co. Down activities including shipping and commercial fisheries. Michael also discusses how the project team arrived at the decision to reduce the project capacity.

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  • Victoria McCabe

    Victoria McCabe

    First Flight Wind has published its Round 2 Consultation Summary Report. In this short interview Victoria explains what the summary report is, highlights some of its key findings and explains where members of the public can access a copy.

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