B9 Energy Offshore, DONG Energy and RES Offshore ceased development on the First Flight Wind project in December 2014.
This is an historical record only which will remain online until 28 September 2015.


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
The Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment (DETI) initiated the SEA in 2009 to ensure environmental factors were properly considered in their Offshore Strategic Action Plan. The SEA identified the Wind Resource Zone off the south east coast of Co. Down as potentially suitable for offshore wind energy, due to its good average wind speeds, the lack of significant environmental issues and suitable water depths. Public consultation on the scope of the environmental issues considered by the SEA took place in 2009.

Offshore Renewable Energy Strategic Action Plan 2009-2020
DETI published the draft ‘Action Plan’ for consultation in December 2009. After its NI Executive endorsement, an overarching Strategic Energy Framework for NI was published in September 2010 with the target of 40% of electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2020. DETI initiated a Habitats Regulations Appraisal of the draft strategy. The key recommendations from this were built into the final Offshore Strategy endorsed by the Executive in March 2012.

Locating the Offshore Wind Farm
The wind farm will not fill the entire Zone as tendered by The Crown Estate. First Flight Wind is carrying out studies and surveys to identify an area that will meet the technical requirements and environmental constraints for a wind farm.



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