B9 Energy Offshore, DONG Energy and RES Offshore ceased development on the First Flight Wind project in December 2014.
This is an historical record only which will remain online until 28 September 2015.


Consultation Process. We recognise that the development of an offshore wind farm could generate considerable local interest and debate. We strongly believe that a process that best ensures early and open discussion with all viewpoints will result in a better outcome for everyone. We are committed to undertaking this work in accordance with our consultation principles (see our leaflet How We Will Consult) so that we can identify issues of concern and explore solutions.


Register with us. We encourage you to register to Have Your Say to be kept informed and take part in pre-application consultation. Our second round of Information Days took place in September 2013.

In the menu to the left you can find a variety of informational materials on the project. This includes a timetable, your closest Information Point and the most up to date literature as well as previous information materials.

Please note this consultation is organised by First Flight Wind Ltd and takes place prior to any application for consent. Pre-application consultation is an additional process run by First Flight Wind and does not take away the right of or need for formal consultation by the appropriate authorities as part of the consents application process.


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