Environmental, engineering and technical studies and surveys have been going on since 2012 and will continue until late 2014. They play a crucial role, allowing us to build up a better understanding of the existing (baseline) environment, and enabling us to determine the size, layout, location, and grid connection options for the wind farm.  

We will also continue to consult with the community to help us determine the best options. Upon the conclusion of all technical, engineering and environmental studies, we will present results and specific options for community consultation in accordance with our consultation timeline.

These options will address:

  • Project Engineering Envelope.  This includes the range of dimensions and number of turbines we are considering for the project as well as the proposed project location and layout of the turbines and electrical infrastructure. As the project will be sited within the Wind Resource Zone we will not be filling the entire designated Zone with turbines.  
  • Connection to the Northern Ireland Electricity Grid.  This refers to how and where the energy produced by turbines will be integrated into the Northern Ireland energy network, and will include landfall options, substation locations and onshore and offshore cable routes.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and proposals for Mitigation.  This refers to measures that are proposed to reduce any significant remaining environmental impacts identified during the assessment process.


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